Project Beginnings

Sedona, Arizona, United States
The original idea came from a woman we read about, who lost her son Ben. His mother, Jeannette Maré, began fashioning bells as a therapy at first and then as a tribute. Twice a year they are hung around Tucson, with a note inviting those who find them to take them and let them serve as a reminder to spread kindness. It was kindness, after all - simple, everyday acts of human kindness - that had helped Maré through the hardest days after Ben died. Read more: Our sincere hope is that your charm finds you and inspires you to spread kindness in many ways, whether you are from Sedona or another area. You are welcome to leave comments on where your charms “found” you and what it meant to you. You can also contact us at or at Charmed Sedona on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Llama Kindness in New Mexico...

Karen left her first kindness charm with a llama trekking guide in northern New Mexico...

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